Peoples - M




  • reservation scenes and tribal museum
  • reservation scenery, tribal governance and education
  • education of children
  • history of the Makah people
  • more history of Makah people; canoe racing
  • Makah Indians from Neah Bay, Washington catch and barbeque wild salmon in a segment from a Department of the Interior film offering tips on cooking seafood outdoors



  • TV program discussing Indian doctors and Indian music
  • 1976 Convention Of The National Indian Education Association NIEA 1: speeches by Senator Joseph Montoya and NIEA President Demmert
  • anonymous home movie captures the colorfulness of the parade down the main street of Gallup, New Mexico in 1940
  • raw footage of ancient Indian petroglyphs in deserts of Southern California
  • importance of the buffalo to the American Indians—includes rare appearance of a white buffalo
  • The significance of the Colorado River as a possible power source or irrigation source, especially for California and Arizona
  • Indian culture as displayed at Gallup, New Mexico during annual pow wow
  • Indian boy must learn the survival and social skills that will sustain him as an adult in Indian society before the white man came
  • colorful profile of Ecuador at mid-century and the place of its indigenous people in national life
  • cultural celebrations of Mexican villagers combine Aztec, Spanish, and Indian residuals
  • enticement from Trans-World Airlines to visit New Mexico reveals the centrality of Native Americans to the culture and commerce of the state
  • multi-tribal men’s organization with roots in Kiowa Gourd Dance traditions
  • pilot film for a colorful film series about the Indian populations of the Mexican past as well as contemporary Mexico
  • Indian cook demonstrates the technique
  • filming movie with Peruvian beauty Pilar Pilet as Inca goddess of creation in Peruvian Amazon jungle
  • beautiful costumes highlight silent footage of a theatrical dance presentation of Indian culture from the Northwest Coast - filmed by Alaska film maker Elmer King
  • native American Indians traveling on canoe through scenic wilderness in Canada
  • educational film envisions Indian society before the arrival of the Europeans
  • traditional tribal lifestyles
  • Emily Carr, a Canadian painter of the Indian culture of coastal British Columbia
  • archeologists from University of Indiana explore Indian remains
  • teacher shows how historic Canadian Indians fashioned tools from available stones
  • Pow-wows, social dances, Indian identity
  • series of Public Service Announcements from the National Congress of American Indians in praise of Indian history and culture
  • series of TV Public Service Announcements encouraging the employment of Indian workers—from the National Congress of American Indians
  • Indian comedian and rock band XIT perform
  • interview official from the National Endowment for the Arts
  • NIEA special meeting regarding Title IV funding for Indian education
  • questions and answers regarding Title IV and Indian education
  • discuss health care and educational issues
  • education official questioned, educator speaks
  • interview Indian educators
  • more interviews with Indian educators
  • professor lectures on disparagement of Indians in textbook
  • funding Indian educational projects
  • cultural education and bi-lingual issues
  • flutist and singer entertain convention
  • exhibition of arts and crafts of Southwest tribes
  • Mary Lou lives on a reservation along the Missouri River
  • war canoe races among men of Northwest Indian tribes at the annual Stommish festivities—from the Western Sketchbook film series and Union Pacific Railroad
  • celebrates the return of bison populations in Canada and the United States
  • Native Indian (Thundering Hill) comes into an elementary class room and demonstrates native songs with drums
  • archeology along Guadalupe River in Texas to discover information about prehistoric Indians in Texas
  • The Exiles twelve hours in the lives of a group of young Indian men and women transplanted from the reservation to downtown Los Angeles
  • twelve hours in the lives of a group of young Indian men and women transplanted from the reservation to downtown Los Angeles
  • folk tale of British Columbia Indians told with people in authentic masks
  • archeological expedition by UCLA students and professors to Mexico ruins—as seen of TV series, True Adventure
  • second of two short films that comprise "Portage"
  • TV program discussing artist Jerome Tiger
  • TV program discussing Indian art and culture
  • Indian finery and games at National Indian Congress in Pendleton, Oregon—from the Western Sketchbook film series and Union Pacific Railroad
  • the art of making wooden masks in Totonicapan, Guatemala
  • avant-garde filmmaker Craig Baldwin offers a critical interpretation of the Spanish conquest of the native peoples of the Southwestern United States