How To Make Fry Bread

Production Date: 
Run Time: 

Establishing shot: 
Named locations: 
Major themes covered:  Indian cook demonstrates the technique
Native activities shown:  Frybread mixing and cooking
Individuals Named: None 
Native language spoken: No
Audible: Chants and singing for the powwow going on in the background.
Noteworthy elements:  
Other notes:
"It comes from a reel of outtakes from a Los Angeles TV station that was preparing a report on off-reservation Indians in Los Angeles.  It was filmed at the pow wow of the Many Trails Indian Club of Los Angeles in 1973.  For the same report the TV people filmed the Golden State Gourd Dance Society [and "How to Make Frybread"] footage  which is found elsewhere on the AIFG.  This latter group has a website; Many Trails seems to have dissolved some time ago."  --J. Fred MacDonald

See also: Joan Weibel Orlando, Indian Country, L.A. :Maintaining Ethnic Community in Complex Society (Champaign-Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1999).

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