1976 Festival Of American Folklife 7 (Mohawk)

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Smithsonian Institution

The 1976 Smithsonian Festival of American Folklife videos were made as part of the Bi-Centennial Commemorations.

1976 Festival of American Folklife 7 features raw, unedited footage of on-screen demonstrations and interviews (interviewer is off-screen and unidentified) with Mohawk basket-makers Mary Adams (“Kawennatakie”), her son, Mike Adams, and Sally Ann Adams (“Smithsonian American Art Museum,” n. pag.). Mary Adams discusses the process of basket-making while making a basket, and later exhibits and talks briefly about the different kinds of baskets she makes.

For the completed video, please see 1976 Festival of American Folklife 8: http://aifg.arizona.edu/film/1976-festival-american-folklife-8-mohawk

--Eric Maynard (Mohegan), 2013