Trappers and Traders

unknown (possibly Frank Randford "Budge" Crawley)
Production Date: 
Crawley Films
Run Time: 
Canadian Geographical Society; Distributed by International Film Bureau, Inc.

This film footage is incorporated in the AIFG film, Portage. Please see the listing for that film at

Named locations:
The indigenous territories of Canada (“5,000 miles of wilderness”); northern and western Canada (“the Fur-land”); Montreal; Hudson’s Bay; the Huron; the St. Lawrence waterway; Nipigon River; Ottawa; Madagascar River; Petawawa

Major themes covered: second of two short films —first film Portage: How Indians Build Canoes; 2nd Portage: Trappers and Traders

Native activities shown:  Fur-trapping and trade in Canada.

Native language spoken: Singing in French and possible traditional Algonquin drumming sung in Algonquin dialect)
--Eric Maynard, (Mohegan) 2013