Lummi 2

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Named locations:
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Vicuña Country

Establishing shot: elephants at the Griffith Park Zoo, Los Angeles
Named locations: Griffith Park Zoo (00:4); San Clemente, CA (multiple times early in film); Lima, Peru (5:00); the Puna (7:00); Lake Titicaca (8:40); Cuzco (11:30); Machu Picchu (11:47); the Andes (throughout).

Navajo Indians

Establishing shot: Navajo riders on horse back
Named locations:
Major themes covered
: portrait of tribal social life and courtship ritual
Native activities shown:  Daily life; Rug weaving; Social life; Courtship; Wedding customs. Sheepherding; Preparing food; Harvesting corn; Carding and spinning wool; Rug weaving; Trading for silverwork; Attending social dances; Constructing a hogan; Attending a wedding ceremony; Preparing a feast; Getting married

Indians of California 2

Establishing shot: Voice over native song opens frame with a Yokut man sitting, centered in frame, working with a piece of wood going to be used as a bow. In the foreground a small fire pit can be seen. In the background a traditional home can be seen.
Named locations: California
Major themes covered:  An overview of Yokut culture and daily practices

Indians of California 1

Establishing shot:  Scene opens with a Yokut man sitting, full frame in view, and singing while using a traditional instrument to keep beat. In the background lodgings can be seen. A dissolve cuts to a medium shot of the location with other individuals walking through a small village. During this transition the native song can still be heard and a narrative voice over then begins.
Named locations:  California;
Major themes covered: An overview of the Yokuts of California

Real Americans

NOTE: This film contains demeaning and condescending language that is a product of the historical period of its creation.  These attitudes are not endorsed by AIFG.

The film Real Americans uses multiple references to Native Americans in the past tense via the narration. Jean O’Brien, in  Firsting and Lasting: Writing Indians Out of Existence in New England (2010), discusses similar techniques used by non-Native authors of local historical texts of the 1800’s to relegate the “Indian” to the past.

Hopi Indian Arts and Crafts

Establishing shot: Film opens with a Hopi man sitting in front of his home. A large loom can be seen behind the man, who turns and begins weaving at the loom.
Named locations: First Mesa; Second Mesa
Major themes covered: Hopi arts and crafts, including weaving, silversmithing, basket weaving, and pottery.