Indians of California 2

Production Date: 
Arthur Barr
There is a male narrator, unknown
Run Time: 

Establishing shot: Voice over native song opens frame with a Yokut man sitting, centered in frame, working with a piece of wood going to be used as a bow. In the foreground a small fire pit can be seen. In the background a traditional home can be seen.
Named locations: California
Major themes covered:  An overview of Yokut culture and daily practices
Native activities shown:  Man singing; Man working with wood that is being turned into a bow; Man working with obsidian to create arrowheads; Man chipping edges of obsidian; Man fastening an arrow point to the shaft of an arrow with deer sinew; Man straightening the arrow shaft with a traditional arrow straightener (a type of rock with a hollowed area); Feathers being split in half to put on an arrow; Socket being added to an arrow;  Yokut man putting arrows into a sieve; Hunting game; A hunter mimicking the sounds and actions of a deer, which he is hunting; Young boy being trained to hunt; Young man wearing the stuffed headdress of a hunting costume; Two men hunting a deer; Man preparing a bow; Man shooting an arrow with a traditional bow; Deer being carried into the village; Young boys carrying spears; Meat being roasted over a fire and strips being hung in the sun; Woman hanging meat; Women gathering food in baskets; Women gathering acorns; Burden basket being filled with acorns; Women carrying baskets on their backs with acorns; Yokut woman filling a granary; Woman opening a granary to get acorns out; Woman cracking and preparing acorns; Woman removing acorn kernel; Women using boulders and rock to pound acorns; Women singing; Women pounding stones; Mortar holes being used to grind acorns; Acorn meal being sifted in a tray; Woman washing acorn meal to remove the bitter taste; Traditional manner of washing acorn meal with leaves and water; Woman heating water with stones and fire; Woman stirring hot stones in a basket; Woman tasting acorn meal for bitterness; Woman making bread out of acorn meal; Women cooking food over fire; Woman roasting; Mush being made by a woman; Woman stirring hot stones in a mush basket to cook a meal; Family gathered to eat a meal; Family eating; Family talking while eating; Woman telling an oral story to children in native language; Children listening to story
Individuals? Named?  No named individuals
Native language spoken:  Yes, sung throughout. Spoken by family and woman storyteller.
Audible?  Good quality English narration and native language
Noteworthy elements:  Good information on processing acorns
Other notes:  Original site says this film is a series of reenactments