Hopi Indian Arts and Crafts

Production Date: 
Coronet Productions
There is a male narrator, unnamed
Run Time: 
Coronet Instructional Films

Establishing shot: Film opens with a Hopi man sitting in front of his home. A large loom can be seen behind the man, who turns and begins weaving at the loom.
Named locations: First Mesa; Second Mesa
Major themes covered: Hopi arts and crafts, including weaving, silversmithing, basket weaving, and pottery.
Native activities shown:  Hopi man beating a drum; Hopi man weaving at a loom; Hopi man singing a ceremonial weaving song while he weaves; Hopi man weaving a sash; Hopi man silversmithing; Hopi man making a ring with traditional silversmithing tools; Hopi woman picking rabbit brush for baskets; Hopi woman dying a basket; Hopi woman making pottery; Hopi woman polishing a pot; Hopi woman painting a pot; Hopi woman firing a pot
Individuals? Named?
  No named individuals
Native language spoken:  Hopi is sung throughout the film.
Audible?  Sound needs to be turned up, but is audible.
Noteworthy elements: Good images of weaving at the loom, silversmithing, basket making, and making pottery.
Other notes: This picture was made through the courtesy of United States Department of Interior Office of Indian Affairs, supervision by Alfred Whiting, Museum of Northern Arizona.