Painting with Sand Outtakes 1

Sullivan C. Richardson
Sullivan C. Richardson (unconfirmed)
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None, silent film
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Establishing shot: These outtakes open with a close up of a man performing a sing and keeping time with a rattle (00:00:06)

Named locations: Monument Valley area.
Major themes covered: Sheepherding; Preparing food; Participating in a sweat bath; preparing for a healing ceremony, iincluding grinding sand for a sandpainting; creating a sandpainting; performing a ceremonial sing; being sung over.
Native activities shown: The filmmakers record a Navajo medicine man (hataałii) carefully constructing a sandpainting ('iikááh) depicting “Pollen Boy on the Sun.” Once complete, a little boy, of three or four years old, is set down onto the sandpainting and the medicine man begins the sing, keeping time with a rattle. Once complete, the small boy is lifted from the painting and dusted clean; following this, the sand painting is erased. 
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Audible:  silent
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These outtakes were ultimately edited into two Viking Pictures films, both on AIFG: The Land of Crimson Cliffs ( and Painting with Sand (A Navajo Ceremony) (  More outtake footage from this expedition can be found in Painting With Sand Outtakes 2 (

--Mikel Stone, 2012