Indians of California 1

Production Date: 
Arthur Barr
There is a male narrator, unknown
Run Time: 

Establishing shot:  Scene opens with a Yokut man sitting, full frame in view, and singing while using a traditional instrument to keep beat. In the background lodgings can be seen. A dissolve cuts to a medium shot of the location with other individuals walking through a small village. During this transition the native song can still be heard and a narrative voice over then begins.
Named locations:  California;
Major themes covered: An overview of the Yokuts of California
Native activities shown: Yokut man singing; Walking through a village; Fishing with a long spear on a rocky coastline; Gathering seeds and fruit into a hand-made basket; Transferring seeds into another basket; A man carrying a pack while traveling; A group of individuals trading beads, shells, obsidian, necklaces, baskets, and other objects; Narrator discusses how homes were build; Man collecting reeds, which will be used to build a home; Gathering and beginning to build a home; Man creating mats, stringing them together with plant fibers; Willow poles being formed into the framed foundation of a home; Willow bark being used to tie poles together; Women rolling mats so that they can be used to spread over the willow frame of the home; Women speaking while building: Woman tending to a fire/meal; A woman making a bed in the ground inside of her home; A woman exchanging food with a Yokut man; Woman moving items around in her home; A woman putting a baby in a traditional cradle; Woman lacing a baby into a cradle; A baby crying; Women carrying babies in cradles on their backs; Women gathering roots, stems, and grasses to make cradles and baskets; Woman making a basket; Woman stripping grasses to prepare for basket making; Woman making a coil basket;  Explanation (by narrator) of how colors are added to coil baskets using different roots; Woman making a basket using twining method; A traditional boat being made by Yokut men; Yokut men in traditional boat on the water; Men gathering at a sweat house; Men inside of the sweat house building a fire; Men scraping their bodies with deer ribs to stimulate sweating in the sweat lodge; Men running out of the sweat lodge and to a nearby stream; Yokut family playing a game called the pole-and-hoop game; Yokut man singing while another dances;
Individuals? Named?  No named individuals
Native language spoken: Yes, sung during the opening credits. Women also speak their native language while building their home.
Audible?  Good quality audio
Noteworthy elements: Good images of building a home; Good images of creating a basket;
Other notes: Original site reads that this film is a series of reenactments