Rugged Desert

Establishing shot:
Named locations:
Palm Springs, Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains, CA.
Major themes covered:
History and culture of the Kahuia (also known as Cahuilla), reenactment of typical days in the lives of the Kahuia narrator's grandparents, hunting and gathering, Kauhuia diet, initiation rituals, Kahuia games

Other notes:

The Cave Paintings of the Chumash Indians

Score: Elisabeth Waldo and her folklorico orchestra

Crew: Photography: Steve Penny; Animation: Alan Rice; Technical Supervision: Rick Lopez, Dick Mitchell, Jim Leaman; Production Assistants: Mike King, Chriss Dentzel, Conrad Corbett; Film Editor/Sound Editor: Steve Penny, Gary Tegler.

Cast: Yuki Manak, Patti Chavez, John Aldocano, Glenn Penny, Therese Barret (as Chumash people); Grant Campbell (as himself)

Indians of California 1

Establishing shot:  Scene opens with a Yokut man sitting, full frame in view, and singing while using a traditional instrument to keep beat. In the background lodgings can be seen. A dissolve cuts to a medium shot of the location with other individuals walking through a small village. During this transition the native song can still be heard and a narrative voice over then begins.
Named locations:  California;
Major themes covered: An overview of the Yokuts of California