Pueblo Boy

Establishing shot:
Named locations:
Major themes covered: father takes his young son to pow wow ceremony in Gallup, New Mexico
Native activities shown:  
Individuals? Named?  
Native language spoken:
Noteworthy elements:  
Other notes:

Indian Dances Home Movie

Establishing shot: Six men standing together, in dance attire, talking amongst each other.
Named locations: Tesuque Pueblo (in opening credit); Taos Pueblo (in opening credit); Gallup, New Mexico (in advertisement);
Major themes covered: Native American dances

Albuquerque Indian School 1

Establishing shot:  The film opens with a zoom in on a speaker, with the framing stopping with a medium close-up shot of the speaker.
Named locations: Albuquerque Indian School
Major themes covered: Inherent sovereignty and the right of the Pueblo peoples to take control of their school system.