Newsreel: Indians Appeal to Save Land (1925)

Production Date: 
1925; repackaged for TV, 1948
Ziv Productions
Tom Hale
Run Time: 
Yesterday's Newsreel (1948-51)

Establishing shot:  Numerous Native American chiefs, in feathered headdresses, standing around an Anglo man in a suit and hat. Camera then pans to show other Native Americans sitting and watching the events.
Named locations:  San Francisco, California; Harris Pueblo Indians;
Major themes covered: Pueblos appealing to keep their homelands
Native activities shown: Chiefs speaking with Mayor
Individuals Named  Chief Santiago Naranjo named over incorrect close-up, although he is shown in the preceding shot.
Native language spoken: None
Audio: Good English narration
Noteworthy elements
Other notes:

Appears to be a clip from a Yesterday's Newsreel episode. Yesterday's Newsreel was a television series that presented original newsreel footage with contemporary narration.  The series ran from 1948 to 1950. Like the Navajo-Zuni snowstorm newsreel, it's old newsreel footage that was repackaged to produce a syndicated TV program in 1948-51 called Yesterday's Newsreel.  It was from Ziv Productions and was a 15-minute show.--J. Fred MacDonald
See also: Images of Santiago Naranjo, Santa Clara Pueblo in New Mexico's Digital Collections, C. Harmon Parkhurst Collection,  Palace of the Governors Photo Archive, New Mexico HIstory Museum, Santa Fe.