Albuquerque Indian School 4

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Establishing shot: Opens with a medium-close up of a woman being interviewed.
Named locations:  Albuquerque Indian School
Major themes covered: Discipline at Albuquerque Indian School
Native activities shown: [Interview; subjects listed]: Woman discusses ways in which children were punished; Girls had to sign in and out of the school so people knew where they were at all times; Girls had to clean; Duties of those who were supposed to discipline (teachers) in cases of behavioral issues; Issues of fighting; Cases of drinking on campus; Reminding students about the consequences of their actions; Crafts at the Albuquerque Indian School; Celebrations at the school; Teachers sometimes helped students on an individual level, at others spoke with a supervisor; A majority of the girls didn't want to go home but didn't want to stay at the dorms constantly; The school kept files on each student about their behavioral issues (if they had any) and home life; The school called the police if a girl went missing; Tardiness and ditching classes was kept on record; Discussing taking care of younger children; Laundry details;
Individuals? Named? No named individuals
Native language spoken: No native language
Audible? Questions being asked by the interviewer are hard to hear; Some of the narration is hard to hear in certain parts.
Noteworthy elements: Provides god information about school discipline
Other notes: None