Albuquerque Indian School 1

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Establishing shot:  The film opens with a zoom in on a speaker, with the framing stopping with a medium-close up shot of the speaker.
Named locations: Albuquerque Indian School;
Major themes covered: Inherent sovereignty and the right of the Pueblo Indians to take control of their school system
Native activities shown: [All an interview, topics listed]: Native American (Pueblo) man discusses the right of the Pueblo under 92-683 to take control of the Albuquerque Indian School; man discusses the profits of the school; man discusses contracting; Describing how to create a program that will be better suited to Pueblo children; Reasons why it is difficult for students to attend the public schools; Admissions criteria could be opened up to a larger group of students (students who have a desire); Problems with boarding schools; Misinformation from other schools; Language barriers in white-taught schools; Better using the facilities; Contract to design and develop the program for the school; [Another interview with a panel]: Pueblo man in sunglasses discusses (six months later?) the development of the program to be used at the Albuquerque Indian School; Plan to assume control within twelve months; Plan to assume control of two other facilities; Phase to plan and design a new facility, hopefully done in the next three years; Plan to move facility out of Albuquerque; Indian Self Determination Act (92-683); Signing of contract; Promise to keep the community informed on further progress; Initiating a tribal board mentioned; Further interview about how the decision was made by the Pueblo Indians; General BIA supervision until the Pueblo fully take over in Phase 2 of the planning; Implementing a foundational program; Planning a new facility;
Individuals? Named? No named individuals (no audible names)
Native language spoken: No native languages spoken
Audible? The narration is sometimes hard to hear, and volume should be turned up. Questions from the audience are often inaudible.
b: Provides good background of education and issues of sovereignty 
Other notes: Film is broken into three different interview-type segments