Blackfeet 11

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Named locations:
Major themes covered: puppetry with Indian Marionette Club
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Blackfeet 14

Establishing shot: Blackfeet elder Leo Bull Shoe gives instruction on how to measure and cut a drumhead from cow hide. 

Named locations:Blackfeet Boarding School in Browning, MT

Blackfeet 13

Establishing shot:  A girl hand-stitching a canvas Tipi pattern

Named locations: Browning, MT
Major themes covered: Blackfeet elder and artist Leo Bull Shoe, crafts a hexagonal hand drum from wood and cow hide.

Native activities shown:  Native American Arts & Crafts

Individuals Named: Leo Bull Shoe 
Native language spoken: Blackfeet word for “drum” is toh-gee-mah, which roughly translates to ‘sound.’

Blackfeet 12

Establishing shot: A crowd of Powwow dancers in Heart Butte, MT
Named locations:
Major themes covered: dancing—cleaning deer hide—mask making—rodeo.  Young men from the Blackfeet tribe document the activities of their community in Montana. They also document the traditional crafts of their ancestors such as tanning hide.

Blackfeet 10

Establishing shot: Men sitting in a car parked in front of a town building waving at the camera.

Named locations:  Blackfeet Community Pre-School Special Education class (once a week), Piegan Street in Browning, MT, The Blackfeet Crafts Association, Heart Butte, Sarcee Indian Reserve.

Major themes covered: children—Blackfeet Crafts Association—tipi designer—rodeo. This video highlights the Blackfeet Crafts Association, which strived for economic independence through the sale of authentic American Indian arts and crafts.

Blackfeet 09

Establishing shot: Two tribal elders making announcements at a Powwow.
Named locations: Heart Butte CDP, Blackfeet Indian Reservation
Major themes covered: Singing and dancing. This video was recorded by two Blackfeet youths who are mentioned by the Powwow announcer in the film. Wayne Many Guns and Joe Fisher were young Blackfeet men who took it upon themselves to document the history and culture present on the Blackfeet reservation during the mid to late 1970’s.

Blackfeet 08

Establishing shot:

Named locations:
Major themes covered:
Blackfeet youths trying to interview and discuss the arts and crafts of elder tribal member, John Bear Medicine. This video documents a perfect example of the cultural gap between the older generation and the younger generation of Blackfeet tribal members. The youths are seeking to learn from an elder of their community, but it is difficult to communicate with him because they do not know their Native Blackfoot language.

Blackfeet 06

Establishing shot:Four children stand in a crowd while a man tries to erect the American flag behind them.

Named locations:
Major themes covered:
This video highlights several guest speakers from the Blackfeet Nation at the Native American Days celebration, 1976.
Native activities shown: Drumming and singing during the raising of the American Flag Ceremony.

Blackfeet 05

Establishing shot: Camera zooming in on an open field with a white storage unit in the center while telephone poles stand to the left, as a child stands in front of a white fence.

Named locations: North American Indian Days Celebration (NAID), Oldman River Regional Planning Commission, Blood Indian Reserve, Alberta, Canada.
Major themes covered: Drum playing, singing, and dancing at the Annual North American Indian Days Celebration.