Blackfeet 04

Establishing shot: Loretta Pepion facing the camera, introducing herself and the purpose of the film.
Named locations:
Browning, Montana
Major themes covered: Tour of the Museum of the Plains Indian in Browning, Montana. This video showcases the importance of the Museum of the Plains Indian to community of Browning and the Blackfeet Tribe. The Museum verifies the significance of preserving Plains Indian history and culture within the larger context of society.

Blackfeet 03

Establishing shot: Robert L. “Rice” Crawford speaking with an unknown interviewer.

Named locations: Black Wolf Gallery, Glacier National Park, Browning Montana
Major themes covered:
Traditional Blackfeet Tipi construction, Blackfeet headdress construction, Blackfeet artist critique

Native activities shown:  Tipi building, Headdress construction

Blackfeet 02

Establishing shot: Blackfeet student talking to the Senior class in the Browining High School Library while Principal Blomquist stands in the background.

Named locations:
Browning High School, Browning Montana

Major themes covered: Blackfeet student council members and Senior Class members of 1977; Indian education on the Blackfeet Reservation.

Blackfeet 01

Establishing shot: Elouise Cobell, Blackfeet Tresurer, sitting in her tribal office speaking to a co-worker

Named locations: Browning, MT; Chewing Blackbones Campground

Major themes covered: The responsibilities of the Blackfeet Treasurer. The land use plans for the Blackfeet Reservation to promote economic development

Injun Talk

Establishing shot:
Named locations:
Major themes covered: Showman Tim McCoy explains sign language among Plains Indians with emphasis on Blackfeet and Blood tribes
Native activities shown:  
Individuals Named 
Native language spoken:
Noteworthy elements: