Blackfeet 05

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Establishing shot: Camera zooming in on an open field with a white storage unit in the center while telephone poles stand to the left, as a child stands in front of a white fence.

Named locations: North American Indian Days Celebration (NAID), Oldman River Regional Planning Commission, Blood Indian Reserve, Alberta, Canada.
Major themes covered: Drum playing, singing, and dancing at the Annual North American Indian Days Celebration.

Major themes covered = This video documents the rich American Indian community of Browning,  Montana. It also presents the importance of the Blackfeet tribe as the hosts of large events such as NAID, in which all Plains tribes of the North gather in celebration, in the town of Browning.

Native activities shown:  Powwow, dance, song, drumming.
Individuals Named:
Seymore (Seymour), Albert Wells, Carson Boyin 
Native language spoken: Blackfeet (Siksika); Algonquian
Noteworthy elements:  The locally-produced video shows a powwow during 1977 at the Annual North American Indian Days Celebration in Browning, MT. In 2014, the Celebration will reach its 63rd year: it has been a tradition in Blackfeet Country since 1951. The Celebration is held near the Sleeping Wolf Campground; the Powwow activities are held in an enclosed ramada, while several Blackfeet Tipis are erected outside, creating what is known as the North American Indian Days Powwow Campground. This area is the epicenter of Blackfeet communal activity and also houses the Blackfeet Stampede Park, the Glacier Peaks Casino, the Museum of the Plains Indian and the Blackfeet Heritage Center. The NAID has been held in this area since  its origin in 1951. The Celebration extends four days, starting in the second week of July.

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Web video resources:

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--Sara Guzman, 2013