Mendo Lake 1

Establishing shot:
Named locations:
Mendo Lake (Lake Mendocino), Coyote Dam, Ukiah (CA), the Russian River, Coyote Valley, Willits (CA), Redwood Forest.
Major themes covered:  discuss the art and culture of Pomo Indians
Native activities shown:  
Individuals Named:
Elsie Allen, Angie Campbell, Grandma Molly and Grandma Lucy (other names are mentioned but they are barely audible)
Native language spoken:
Audible?  silent
Noteworthy elements:  
Other notes:


Establishing shot:Opens with a map of South America and a description of the Amazon and Rio de la Plata river basins and tributaries that border Paraguay. First live action shot is an extreme long shot, through palm trees and past lush hillsides, of Iguazu Falls.
Named locations: Iguazu Falls (1:10), Itagua (4:01), Asuncion (5:13), Gran Chaco (8:20), Concepcion (15:08), Rio de la Plata, Pilcomayo River, Amazon River, Paraguay River, Parana River.

Albuquerque Indian School 1

Establishing shot:  The film opens with a zoom in on a speaker, with the framing stopping with a medium-close up shot of the speaker.
Named locations: Albuquerque Indian School;
Major themes covered: Inherent sovereignty and the right of the Pueblo Indians to take control of their school system