Blackfoot (Blackfeet)


Official Website of the Blackfoot Nation

PBS Lewis & Clark, Blackfeet Indians

Montana Office of Indian Affairs Blackfeet Nation


  • interviews about old customs and skills
  • more discussion of old skills, especially leather work
  • Black and white home video on building traditional regalia (Blackfeet headdress), Blackfeet Tipi, and discussions of Blackfeet artists and their work
  • tour of the Museum of the Plains Indian in Browning, Montana
  • drum playing, singing, and dancing
  • speakers at Montana’s Native American Day
  • continuation of state’s Native American Day officials plus parade
  • elderly artist explains doll-making—artist John Bearmedicine
  • singing and dancing
  • children—Blackfeet Crafts Association—tipi designer—rodeo
  • puppetry with Indian Marionette Club
  • dancing—cleaning deer hide—mask making—rodeo
  • Making an Indian drum
  • covered: drum-making demonstration ends—Molly Bushu, tipi maker
  • shows Native American lifestyles and culture—focus on Blackfeet family—show construction of a tipi
  • Showman Tim McCoy explains sign language among Plains Indians with emphasis on Blackfeet and Blood tribes