Villages In the Sky

Avalon Daggett
Avalon Daggett
Production Date: 
Avalon Daggett Productions
Jack Little
Run Time: 

Photography: Avalon Daggett
Establishing shot: Arizona desert landscape (using deep space). Large mountain range in the background, flat plain with some foliage in the mid-ground, with  a small tree in the right foreground. This frame then dissolves into a city scene.
Named locations: Southwest; Northeastern Arizona; Painted Desert, Arizona;
Major themes covered: Daily life of the Hopi
Native activities shown: Hopi children laughing; Hopi children riding a burro; Children carrying water up and down a cliff trail; Hobbled burros standing in streets with Hopi walking through their homes in background; Woman carrying water from a spring; Hopi woman showing baskets; Several examples of woven and dyed baskets; Hopi woman on Third Mesa weaving a yucca coil basket; Hopi women on First Mesa making pottery; Hopi woman on First Mesa shaping a pot with a shell, then with her hands; Hopi woman on First Mesa polishing a clay pot; Hopi woman on First Mesa painting and firing a pot; Hopi woman carrying a child on her back; Hopi women preparing ceremonial feasts; Hopi woman sweeping; Hopi women making wheat bread in an outside oven; Hopi ceremony with dancers and drummers;
Individuals? Named? No named individuals
Native language spoken: No native languages spoken
Audible? Good narration
Noteworthy elements: Good frames of scenery, including the mesas and pueblos
Other notes:

--Michelle Boyer