Tourist Film, 1936

Production Date: 
None, silent film
Run Time: 

Establishing shot: Navajo woman sitting at a large loom, her back to the camera, working on a blanket. On screen left a figure can be seen sitting against a tree.
Named locations: Continental Divide, "America's Backbone" Elevation 8300 feet, 11 miles from Navajo Lodge [sign]; Petrified Forest [sign];  Forest Lodge Hotel [sign]; Painted Desert [sign]; Black Petrified Forest [sign]; Trail to [Walnut Canyon] Cliff Dwellings [sign].
Major themes covered: A tourist vacation in Navajo country.

Native activities shown:  Woman working at a loom; Baby in a cradleboard; Group of children (three) standing together; Children walking across a field; Sheep grazing in a pasture; Sheep crossing a dirt road; Young boy running over a group of rocks to an older woman; Samples of Petrified Wood [sign]; Family standing in middle ground with a large American flag in frame; Pan of landscape; Young boy playing in dirt; Man riding a horse; Man pulling a young calf from atop his horse; Pan shot of cliff landscape, includes cliff dwellings; Tourists looking at cliff dwellings.
Individuals Named: None, silent film, no names provided
Native language spoken: None, silent film
Audible: None, silent film
Noteworthy elements: Tourist film from 1936
Other notes: Silent film; The frames are often shaky but otherwise interesting.

Google Map:,-110.236816&spn=2.422705,4.916382

--Mikel Stone, 2012