cliff dwellings

Castle of the Ancient Ones

Establishing shot:
Named locations: Keet Seel ruins,
Major themes covered: visit to the ancient cliff dwellings of Keet Seel and Betatakin in the Navajo National Monument in Arizona—from the Western Sketchbook series and Union Pacific Railroad
Native activities shown:  
Individuals? Named?  
Native language spoken:
Noteworthy elements:  

Tourist Film, 1936

Establishing shot: Navajo woman sitting at a large loom, her back to the camera, working on a blanket. On screen left a figure can be seen sitting against a tree.
Named locations: Continental Divide, "America's Backbone" Elevation 8300 feet, 11 miles from Navajo Lodge [sign]; Petrified Forest [sign];  Forest Lodge Hotel [sign]; Painted Desert [sign]; Black Petrified Forest [sign]; Trail to [Walnut Canyon] Cliff Dwellings [sign].
Major themes covered: A tourist vacation in Navajo country.

Navajo Canyon Country

Photography: Avalon Daggett
Establishing shot:  Full frame map of the United States, which then cuts to a close up of different states (including New York, Arizona, and New Mexico)
Named locations: America; Northern Arizona; New Mexico.


Warning: This film presents ancient and modern Native cultures as indistinguishable. Much visual content is incorrect and reflects the mainstream cultural biases of its time. The narrator's language is condescending and culturally insensitive.