The Round Up In Arizona

Richard Hathcock, Dee Hathcock
Production Date: 
Julian Lesser
John Stephenson, host, and Richard Hathcock, guide/filmmaker
Run Time: 
ABC Television

Establishing shot:  Opens with narrator John Stephenson introducing the film. Stephenson walks into the frame from the left, and when he reaches center the camera zooms in at a mid-close-up.
Named locations: Death Valley, California; Mount Whitney, CA; Southern Arizona; Betatakin ruins (Anasazi); Colorado River; Blythe, Arizona; Tomb of Hi Jolly in Quartzite, AZ; Oraibi Village on the Hopi Mesas, AZ; Grand Canyon, AZ; Patagonia, AZ; Rail X Ranch (near Patagonia); Santa Rita Mountain Range, AZ; Old Fort Buchanan near Patagonia, AZ; Okeene, Oklahoma; Flying B Ranch, Oklahoma.
Major themes covered: Different types of roundups in western regions of the United States.
Native activities shown:  Navajo riding horses; Navajo man exiting a hogan; Navajo selling moccasins to a trader; Navajo woman cooking; Navajo woman combing a child's hair with traditional brush; Hopi man making kachinas; finding pottery at Anasazi ruins; [men at Rail X Ranch riding, tracking coyotes, participating in a round up--no native Americans]; [rattlesnake roundup in Okeene, Oklahoma--no native Americans]; [shoeing horses--no native Americans];
Individuals Named  Richard Hathcock; Dee, Richard Hathcock's wife; Chief Tua (oldest living Hopi, according to the narrator); Walter Colby, owner of the Rail X Ranch near Patagonia, AZ; Manuel, a cowboy at Rail X Ranch;
Native language spoken:  No native languages
Audible: Good quality audio
Noteworthy elements:  Rare images of rattlesnake roundup in Oklahoma.
Other notes: Most information about Native Americans is found in the first 5 minutes of the film. Hathcock mentions the discovery of uranium on Navajo lands.

Great footage of a Gila Monster (00:03:25-00:03:36).

Bold Journey was a primetime travelogue television show that aired on ABC from July 1956 until August 1959. Each week features a different guest who narrated their 16mm movies of exotic adventures and locales. From

John Stephenson (1923- ), the host of the Bold Journey television series,  had a long career in Hollywood as both an actor and a voice actor. Stephenson did voice work on many popular cartoons from The Flintstones, and The Jetsons, to G.I. Joe and more recently, Johnny Bravo

Richard Hathcock appears to be the same man who owned Allied International Detectives in Los Angeles in the early 1960s, and who was connected to anti-Communist activity toward Cuba. His name appears in conspiracy sites related to the Kennedy assassination, where he has been connnected to a Johnson 30.06 rifle that is rumored to be the "second gun" at Dealey Plaza.  Prior to the private detective work, Hathcock owned Adventurers' Corner, at Sunset and La Brea in Los Angeles.--Jennifer Jenkins, 2012

Other Credits: Editorial Supervision: Budd Small, Bill O’Hara; Music by Music Scores Inc.

--Mikel Stone, 2012