The Navajos Look Ahead

Production Date: 
There is a male narrator, unnamed
Run Time: 
Standard Oil Company (New Jersey)

Named locations: Southeastern Utah; Four Corners region; Paradox Basin; White Mesa, Utah; San Juan Bridge on the Navajo Reservation; Window Rock, Arizona; Window Rock Tribal and Administrative Headquarters for the Navajo Reservation (sign); United States Department of the Interior Bureau of Indian Affairs Navajo Agency (sign); Window Rock School District #8 (sign); Aneth, Utah Community School (sign); Aneth Trading Post; San Juan Basin; Chimney Rock, New Mexico.

Major themes covered: Standard Oil Company's sponsored film emphasizes the positive impacts of oil drilling on the Navajo reservation. This film provides an overview of oil exploration and extraction carried out by Humble Oil and Refining (which later merged with Stadard Oil to become Exxon) on the Navajo Reservation. Navajos are presented as being very modern and acculturated. The financial benefits of resource leases are depicted as providing social and financial uplift to the Navajo Nation (the "march of progress").

Native activities shown: Touring oil derricks, storage tanks, and drilling sites. Attending the Navajo Tribal Fair in Window Rock, Arizona. INteractions at trading post.

Film Sequence: Navajo boy overlooks the landscape using a pair of binoculars; Navajo man standing by boy, looking at landscape; Calvin Klaschee looking at an oil well on the reservation; Calvin and Draper driving through Navajo reservation near an oil well; Calvin watching as a drill bit is changed on the drill at the oil well; Standard Oil Company workers preparing a drill before it drills into shale while Calvin and Draper watch; Calvin is given a tour of the oil field by Archie Browning; Navajo sheep drinking from a stock tank and trough purchased with benefits from Standard Oil Company; Draper and Calvin camping with a fire; Navajo men leaving the BIA (both administrators); Jay Morris McCade speaks with Tribal Chairman Manuel Begay; Women and Men walking on a sidewalk; Window Rock being viewed by Calvin; Calvin climbs up to see Window Rock; Hiking; Calvin looking at the reservation through his binoculars; Busses arriving at Window Rock school with children; Children exiting bus and entering school; Navajo Tribal Fair at Window Rock, AZ; Guy Klaschee with family visiting trading post; Visiting Aneth, Utah; Woman handing turquoise bracelet to a woman; Visiting another tribal oil well at Chimney Rock, New Mexico. [compiled by Michelle Boyer]

Individuals Named: Calvin Klaschee (young boy); Bill Draper (Navajo Ranger); Archie Browning (foreman of Standard Oil Company well); Jay Morris McCade (Executive Secretary of the Navajo Tribal Council  and member of the school board); Manuel Begay (Legislative Secretary); Patti Klaschee (18 month-old baby); Guy Klaschee (father of Calvin); Elijah Blair (owner of Aneth trading post); E. D. Wolcott (foreman at Chimney Rock oil well); Paul Jones (Tribal Council chairman)

Native language spoken: No native languages spoken
Audible: Good quality English narration
Noteworthy elements: Interesting film produced by Standard Oil Company, but not a great deal of Native activity. The financial benefits of resource leases are depicted as providing social and financial uplift to the Navajo Nation to illustrate the "march of progress."

Other notes: None

--Mikel Stone, 2012

Caleb Clauschee reports: "the young man in the movies name is Calvin Clauschee. He passed away in February 2012. His father is named Guy Clauschee and was a Navajo Code Talker. He also passed September 2014. His wife Lois (Laguna-Acoma) passed in November 2012. She was a founder of the Navajo Nation library. They met at Ganado Mission School and lived in Window Rock, Arizona. Calvin was a preacher and a silversmith.  Patricia is currently retired and living in Window Rock, Arizona. She was an OB nurse at the hospital in Ft. Defiance for 30+ years.  Mr. Draper was Calvin's uncle and has also passed.

--Caleb Clauschee, 2016