Four Corners

The Navajos Look Ahead

Named locations: Southeastern Utah; Four Corners region; Paradox Basin; White Mesa, Utah; San Juan Bridge on the Navajo Reservation; Window Rock, Arizona; Window Rock Tribal and Administrative Headquarters for the Navajo Reservation (sign); United States Department of the Interior Bureau of Indian Affairs Navajo Agency (sign); Window Rock School District #8 (sign); Aneth, Utah Community School (sign); Aneth Trading Post; San Juan Basin; Chimney Rock, New Mexico.

Painting with Sand (A Navajo Ceremony)

Establishing shot: Extreme long shot of the landscape the Navajos live in. In the background a group of mountains can be seen. In the middle ground a man can be seen on horseback on top of a sandy mount. A rider can be seen on screen right, and on screen left a closer mountain can be seen. Clouds can be seen in the sky.
Named locations: Monument Valley; Utah; Arizona; Navajo Indian Reservation; Navajo Mountain; San Francisco Mountain; La Plata Mountain;
Major themes covered: The cultural significance of sandpaintings

Land of the Crimson Cliffs

Field Associate: Arnold Whitaker
Establishing shot: A mid-close up of a man, dressed in a suit and tie, reading a large paper map. A world map can be seen in the background and in the foreground is a large desk, which the man is reading at. The narrator then puts the map down and begins narrating. The narration then becomes voice over as the scene cuts to a car driving on a barren dirt road of Utah.