Miracle on the Mesa

Alan Shilin
Alan Shilin
Production Date: 
House Jameson
Run Time: 
P. Lorrilard Company

Edited by: Ann Busch
Photographed by: Toge Fujihira
Establishing shot: A kachina figure dissolves over clouds and the camera vertically descends, revealing a large canyon. In the base of the canyon water can be seen flowing. A tree in the left foreground provides depth to the shot.
Named locations: The Painted Desert; the towering Mesas of Arizona; Keams Canyon, headquarters of the Hopi Indian Agency; Pinon Junction (sign); Oraibi (sign); Tuba City (sign);
Major themes covered: Hopi gods and religion; the daily life of the Hopi
Native activities shown: A family eating together at a table; a man exiting his home; a Hopi man tending to his crops; a Hopi man planting seeds in a traditional manner; John Ovayama and his family taking a mule to their farmland; a Hopi man smoking on his horse; Hopi man checking water for its quality; Hopi woman making pottery; a Hopi woman painting a piece of pottery; Hopi women walking to a spring to draw water for their families; Hopi women doing laundry; Hopi children attending a government day school; Hopi women grinding corn on mattates; Hopi women making bread; Hopi celebrating the eagle dance; John Ovayama meeting with Indian Agent, a Superintendent, and a Hopi chief in Keams Canyon; Hopi festival and ceremonial dancing praying for rain;
Individuals? Named? John Ovayama, Hopi sheep rancher and farmer;
Native language spoken:  Hopi is sung in the opening credits and during an eagle dance
Audible? Good audio of both narration and Hopi language
Noteworthy elements: Has good representation of ceremonial Hopi dances
Other notes: