Lower Sioux 5

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Establishing shot: Iola Columbus, Lower Sioux Indian Community President (the highest office of the Lower Sioux Indian Community Council), in her office at the Sioux Government/Community Center on Res. Highway, Morton, Minnesota.

Named locations:Washington D.C;  Boulder, Colorado; Native American Rights Fund (NARF) office;  Lower Sioux Indian Pottery Pipestone, Midwest Urban American Center.

Major themes covered:  Iola Columbus, female President of Lower Sioux; Tribal Council, By-laws of 1934; Tribal President duties; Bryan v. Itasca County 1976; tribal funds, grants, and future hopes for the community with future funding possibilities. Native American Rights Fund (NARF), Housing and Urban Development (HUD) grants, Economic Development Administration (EDA) grants. Title IV D (cultural revitalization program) for the Caŋ ŝa yapi.

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Individuals Named: 
Iola Columbus, Thomas Columbus, Leon Columbus, Pearl Blue (?), Renee Larson, Ellen Prescott, Sandra Geshick, Emily Peek, Charles Lohan

Native language spoken: No tribal language spoken

Noteworthy elements:  Iola Columbus is the first female president of the Lower Sioux Indian Community, since the tribal by-laws of 1934. Iola discusses how she feels she attained such a high position. The position has no pay, no funding and Iola feels that the position of tribal president was filled by a woman, because the men of the community must leave the community for work, making commitment to meetings and travel for governmental purposes complicated. She talks extensively about funding from many sources, including HUD, EDA, NARF. Iola has future hopes for making tribal council positions paid, opening a museum and an education center.  At the time the video was made (1979) Bryan v. Itasca County was upheld by the Supreme Court, changing tax and funding for the Caŋ ŝa yapi people. Iola introduces her family and her husband's art work.

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--Kari Quiballo, 2013