Avalon Daggett
Avalon Daggett
Production Date: 
Avalon Daggett Production
Tom McKee
Run Time: 

Establishing shot: Camera focuses on a road sign that reads “Apache;” this frame then cuts to several Apache men dressed in ceremonial Ga'an attire at a dance. The men have paint on their bodies and wear large ceremonial crowns. One man wears a full head mask.
Named locations: the Southwest; Cochise (sign); Apache County (sign); El Cochise Motel (sign); Cochise Stronghold (sign); Apache Stronghold Memorial Park, Arizona; White Mountains, eastern Arizona;
Major themes covered: The daily life of the Apache; Apache puberty ceremony; Apache pollen blessing ceremony
Native activities shown: Apache family walking across a small river; A man standing outside of a wickiup; An Apache man riding a horse; An Apache woman and a young boy fetching water from a river; A woman carrying water in a traditional jar; Apache children playing at a stream; Apache man herding cattle on horseback; Apache men branding cattle; Men overseeing cattle in corrals; Pollen Blessing ceremony; Young women dancing at the pollen blessing ceremony; Apache in covered wagon; Young babies sleeping, and being carried, in cradleboards; Woman putting a baby in a cradleboard; Apache puberty ceremony; Cane run ceremony during the puberty ceremony; Traditional dancers;
Individuals Named: Geronimo (sign); no other named individuals
Native language spoken: Yes, during a ceremony Apache is sung.
Audible language: Good quality English narration. Apache language can be heard during a ceremony.  
Noteworthy elements:  Information about both the pollen blessing ceremony and the puberty ceremony of the Apache
Other notes: During the first five seconds of the film the frames have been spliced together--some narration and some images are distorted.

--Michelle Boyer