Coeur D’Alene 2

Establishing shot:
There is a high-angle establishing shot that shows people dancing and singing in a circle before the play begins.

Named locations:
"The Place Where the Lake Flows Out" (the tributaries of Lake Coeur D'Alene); Cataldo, Idaho, USA

Major themes covered: More of a play based on Schitsu'umsh Legend about the coming of "the Black Robe," the role of the Medicine Man, the Feast of the Assumption

Blackfeet 03

Establishing shot: Robert L. “Rice” Crawford speaking with an unknown interviewer.

Named locations: Black Wolf Gallery, Glacier National Park, Browning Montana
Major themes covered:
Traditional Blackfeet Tipi construction, Blackfeet headdress construction, Blackfeet artist critique

Native activities shown:  Tipi building, Headdress construction

Blackfeet 02

Establishing shot: Blackfeet student talking to the Senior class in the Browining High School Library while Principal Blomquist stands in the background.

Named locations:
Browning High School, Browning Montana

Major themes covered: Blackfeet student council members and Senior Class members of 1977; Indian education on the Blackfeet Reservation.

Kotzebue 4

Named locations: Nana Regional Corporation (which includes Kotzebue and the other ten villages that comprise the Inupiat Eskimo territory); Arctic Slope Regional Corp. (shown, not mentioned); Doyon Regional Corp. (shown); Bering Strait Native Corp. (shown); the eleven villages (Kivalina, Noatak, Kotzebue, Noorvik, Kiana, Selawik, Ambler, Kobuk, Shungnak, Deering, and Buckland); Kotzebue Sound; North Slope; Southern Alaska; Bering Strait

Kotzebue 3

Named locations: Koyukuk, Ruth Glacier, Noatak, Yukon Territory (Alaska)

Major themes covered: The KYUK TV Productions Collection: discussion of the old ways concluded
Native activities shown: 
Subsistence; trapping; making textiles from animal skins and intestines; kayaking; travelling; the eleven villages.

The Navajo (Part 1):"The Search for America"

Edited by: Dan Lovins
Consultants: Dr Ralph Patrick, Research Associate, Washington University; John Adair, Anthropology, Cornell University; Larry Moore, Community Services, Navajo Tribe; and Evon Z. Vogt, Anthropology, Harvard University.
Establishing shot: Camera fades into a black and white Steenback viewer with a man working on a film reel. The camera tracks this man (Hartzell) as he approaches Dr. Patrick.