Pyramid Lake 2

Establishing shot:
Named locations:
Pyramid Lake, Nixon, NV.
Major themes covered:
A panel of women elders discuss Tribal history, Paiute Language, subsistence practices, Pyramid Lake water rights, history of relations between Pyramid Lake Indians and white settlers, Indian medicine, fishing, relations between Indian elders and the younger generation, living conditions of the Pyramid Lake Paiute tribe.
Native activities shown:  
Individuals? Named?  
Native language spoken:
Northern Paiute

Nathan Jackson

Named locations: Anchorage, Sitka, Juneau, Ketchikan, British Columbia, Seattle, Washington DC

Major themes covered:  The meaning of totem poles in southeastern Alaskan cultures; contemporary native art and its relationship to traditional native art and practices

Kotzebue 3

Named locations: Koyukuk, Ruth Glacier, Noatak, Yukon Territory (Alaska)

Major themes covered: The KYUK TV Productions Collection: discussion of the old ways concluded
Native activities shown: 
Subsistence; trapping; making textiles from animal skins and intestines; kayaking; travelling; the eleven villages.

Yakama Indian Activities

Establishing shot:
Named locations:
Major themes covered: professionally-shot "home movie" is compilation of images on the life of the Yakima Indians
Native activities shown:  
Individuals? Named?  
Native language spoken:
Noteworthy elements:  
Other notes:

The Cave Paintings of the Chumash Indians

Score: Elisabeth Waldo and her folklorico orchestra

Crew: Photography: Steve Penny; Animation: Alan Rice; Technical Supervision: Rick Lopez, Dick Mitchell, Jim Leaman; Production Assistants: Mike King, Chriss Dentzel, Conrad Corbett; Film Editor/Sound Editor: Steve Penny, Gary Tegler.

Cast: Yuki Manak, Patti Chavez, John Aldocano, Glenn Penny, Therese Barret (as Chumash people); Grant Campbell (as himself)

Beyond the Andes

NOTE: This film contains demeaning and offensive material and may not be suitable for all viewers.  It reflects stereotypes of Native peoples prevalent in the mid-20th century. Its attitudes are not those of, nor are they endorsed by, the American Indian Film Gallery.

Establishing shot: Shot of Shipibo man from waist up looking off-camera right while playing drum.  Clouds in background.  Corporate film from Johnson Motors


The Quillayute Story

Establishing shot: Two men stand overlooking the Quillayute River and then two Quillayute are shown paddling in a canoe.
Named locations: Quillayute River
Major themes covered: Indians of coastal Washington State
Native activities shown: canoe making, trinket baskets, fishing
Native language spoken: no
Audible? yes
Noteworthy elements:
Other notes: Quillayutes are a Native American people of western Washington state.