arts and crafts

One With The Earth

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Major themes covered: exhibition of arts and crafts of Southwest tribes
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Miwok 2

Note: This film could be listed under "Pomo," or "Paiute" categories because there is so much information about Pomo and Paiute basket designs and subsistence practices throughout. Yosemite Indians identify and have been identified as both Miwok and Paiute.

Navajo Sandpainters

Establishing shot: Extreme long shot of the Navajo reservation. On screen right a scraggly desert tree can be seen, and in the background a large mountain (Navajo Mountain) can be seen in the center of the frame.
Named locations: Santa Fe, New Mexico; Navajo Mountain.
Major themes covered: The cultural significance of sandpaintings

Hopi Kachina Maker


IMPORTANT: 00:00:49-00:00:58 shows wooden effigies that are sacred and not meant to be shown.

IMPORTANT: 00:05:50 Mr. Honanie explains information that uninitiated children should NOT be privy to.

Establishing shot: Film opens overlooking First Mesa, Village of Walpi. The camera then zooms in and focuses on the homes of the Walpi village.

Hopi Indian Arts and Crafts

Establishing shot: Film opens with a Hopi man sitting in front of his home. A large loom can be seen behind the man, who turns and begins weaving at the loom.
Named locations: First Mesa; Second Mesa
Major themes covered: Hopi arts and crafts, including weaving, silversmithing, basket weaving, and pottery.