Fur Country

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Named locations:
Major themes covered:  Indians trapper interacts with nature and Hudson’s Bay Company in Northern Canada
Native activities shown: 
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Audible?  silent
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A Dog’s Life in the North Woods

Establishing shot:
Named locations:
Jennings, close to Teslin Lake, British Columbia, Canada
Major themes covered: reliance of Cree trapper on his dogs for hunting success and for survival. The dogs are important to the Cree Indians because they are perfect for traveling in the deep forests and carrying necessities and furs. They can also help hunting and gaming. The furs and skins snared from the trap lines are important for economic goods and family use.
Native activities shown:

The Caribou Hunters

Establishing shot: Map of Canada, "Brochet"
Named locations: Manitoba, Northern Canada, Brochet Post (Hudson's Bay Company)
Major themes covered: Canadian Indians survive by hunting caribou in Northern Manitoba
Native activities shown:  Church-going, dogsledding, trapping, hunting, daily life.