Virginia Gutierrez, Potter

Production Date: 
Virginia Gutierrez
Run Time: 

Establishing shot: Virginia Gutierrez, a Nambe potter, standing with a piece of pottery clay in her hand in a medium-long shot.
Named locations: No named locations
Major themes covered: How to make Nambe pottery
Native activities shown: The film is an instructional video about pottery making; Gutierrez first shows how to beat the clay into shape; Gutierrez shows how to form the base with hands; Gutierrez uses white sand on the bottom of the base so it won't stick to the table; Gutierrez wipes the inside of the clay with a piece of gourd to smooth out the sides of the pot; Gutierrez shows how to build a clay coil; Gutierrez shows how to attach the coil to the base; Using the gourd to shape the inside after coil (edges) are added to the base; Using a knife to smooth the outside of the pot; Gutierrez explains the spontaneity of making pottery; Adding another coil; Gutierrez shows how to add a coil to a coil; Gutierrez explaining how to fire the pots; Pots must be painted before they are fired, or the paint will fall off;  Gutierrez finding pockets of clay; Gutierrez explaining how to prepare clay before beginning to make a pot with it
Individuals? Named?  No named individuals
Native language spoken: No native languages spoken
Audible? Narration by Gutierrez is very clear
Noteworthy elements: Great instructional video!
Other notes: The film does not appear to be edited, so the entire molding process is seen.