Supai Indian

Production Date: 
Coronet Instructional Films
There is an unnamed male narrator.
Run Time: 

Establishing shot: Camera centers on a man in a cowboy hat leading a horse towards the camera. A flowing waterfall can be seen behind the horse, as well as several tall trees, and a path leading to the river.
Named locations: Cataract Canyon, Arizona; Post Office of Supai, Arizona (sign 4m 28s);
Major themes covered: The daily life of the Supai Indian.
Native activities shown:  Havasupai men riding their horses into the heart of their homeland; The activities of a Havasupai Rodeo (horseracing); Boys lassoing a cactus; Women painting their faces with ochre; Young children attending school and playing on the swings; Farmer overseeing his corn crop; A woman toasting corn, using a cooking basket and coals from a fire; Women gathering the corn crops; Preserving fruit
Individuals? Named? No named individuals
Native language spoken: Yes, men are heard talking at their rodeo
Audible? Good quality audio of English narration and native language being spoken. Approximately half way through the film the volume of the narration decreases.
Noteworthy elements: Interesting details about preserving peaches
Other notes: The film mentions that the Supai medicine men were “discarded” in favor of the “benefits” of modern medicine (possibly offensive);

--Michelle Boyer