Southwestern Indian Dances

Production Date: 
Dudley Pictures Corporation
Unnamed male narrator
Run Time: 

Establishing shot: A crane shot pans a parade scene. Individuals can be seen on either side of a road, watching as the parade continues from screen left to screen right in a diagonal motion.
Named locations: Gallup, New Mexico; New Mexico;
Major themes covered: Overview of various Southwestern Native American dances
Native activities shown: Ceremonial dances; Native Americans walking in a parade; Native Americans dancing in a parade; Zuni pottery maidens walking in the parade with earthen pottery jars on their heads; Team roping at the ceremonial grounds; Wagon races; Bronc riding; Kiowa Indians dancing and singing in ceremonial attire; Apache crown, or devil, dance; Native Americans riding horses as others dance; Eagle dance by Tony White Flower; Harvest dance with individuals putting on their ceremonial attire;
Individuals Named: Tony White Flower, a ceremonial eagle dancer; Tony White Cloud, performing the hoop dance
Native language spoken: Native languages can be heard in dance sequences
Audible? Native languages can be heard, but the words are hard to distinguish; good narration
Noteworthy elements: Good views of some of the attire worn in ceremonial dances
Other notes: The term “red man” is used in the film