Ramparts of Two Worlds

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Major themes covered: hunting and daily activities of Eskimos of Little Diomede Island in Alaska
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Other notes:  Smithsonian Archives http://siris-archives.si.edu/ipac20/ipac.jsp?uri=full=3100001~!219191!0: Hubbard, S.J., Bernard Jesuit priest (1888-1962) summary: Edited film depicting life of the Eskimos on Little Diomede Island, Bering Strait, Alaska with shots of the Soviet Diomede across the two mile strait. Scenes include: walrus hunt, butchering walrus and extracting clams and sea mollusks from the stomach, splitting hides, the village, children playing, <ulu> sharpening, a baby in a <umaqqing> ("rumble seat"), digging for roots called "Eskimo potato," netting birds, Hubbard playing with dogs, clothes drying, children in a window, gathering murre eggs on the rocks, and sunset silhouettes of the chapel on Little Diomede.