Navajo Children

Production Date: 
Erpi Classroom Films Inc.
James A. Brill
Run Time: 
Encyclopedia Britannica Films Inc.

Establishing shot:  Mountains covered with the last snow of winter. The high peaks of the mountain are to the left of the frame, to the right of the frame the beginning of a valley can be seen. More mountains can be seen in the background. This shot then cuts to grazing sheep.
Named locations: No named locations
Major themes covered: Overview of the Navajo people and their agricultural practices; moving between winter and summer hogans; transhumant seasonal activities.
Native activities shown: Preparing to move from winter hogan to summer home; Tending sheep; Preparing food; planting squash and corn; Sheering sheep; Rug weaving. Camping in the desert; Singing; Drumming; Cooking breakfast around a campfire (Navajo bread); Boys playing a game with bows and arrows; Planting squash and corn using traditional tools; Shearing sheep; Weaving at a loom; 
Individuals Named: Father Navajo (father); Little Bow (son); Dark Eyes (daughter)
Native language spoken: Spoken Navajo during meeting on the trail, and singing, later boys speaking. The Navajo language is done in voice over (mouths often do not move in the scenes themselves). Spoken Navajo is overdubbed at (00:07:10), (00:08:25), and (00:10:00).  A song in Navajo is overdubbed at (00:04:58-00:05:26).
Audible: The conversation is hard to hear, but the Navajo songs can be heard well. The boys speaking can be heard, but the voiceover does not sound like a child. Good quality English narration.
Noteworthy elements: Good agricultural elements: sheep shearing, herding.
Other notes: In collaboration with Ernest Horn, Ph.D, the State University of Iowa; Arthur I. Gates, Ph.D, Teachers College, Columbia University; Celeste C. Peardon, M.A.

Film Information:

Michelle Boyer, 2011

Mikel Stone, 2012