Nanook of the North

Robert J. Flaherty
Ralph Schoolman
Production Date: 
Berry Kroeger
Run Time: 

Establishing shot:
Named locations:
Major themes covered: 
celebrated early documentary from documentary pioneer Robert Flaherty explores the rugged life of Eskimos
Native activities shown:  
Individuals Named: 
Native language spoken:
originally silent, now with narration
Noteworthy elements:  
Other notes:
from IMDB "silent-film predecessor to the modern documentary, filmmaker Robert J. Flaherty spends one year following the lives of Nanook and his family, Inuit Eskimos living in the Arctic Circle."

A subsequent work by Flaherty, Louisiana Story, examined Cajun culture and its intersections with Native American and African American neighbors. In 2006, student videographers revisited the locations of Flaherty's original film and spoke with some of the surviving participants.