Monument Valley

Ted Hilgenstuhler
Bill Burrud Productions
Bill Burrud
Run Time: 
Vagabond Vagabond

Associate producers:  Reed Bingham and Milas Hinshaw
Production manager: Leland W. Hansen
Production coordinator:  Charles Martin
Filmed on location by: Milas Hinshaw, Leland W. Hansen, Buddy Noonan, Guy Adenis, Dick Swenson, Gene McCabe, and Roland Munns
Studio sequences: Ken Carlson and Jim Crabe
Film editors: Marvin Walowitz and Mindy Bagdon
Music and effects: Audio Effects
Establishing shot: Seagull flying in a cloudy sky, centered in the shot. The sound of waves and other gulls can be heard.
Named locations: Arizona; Flagstaff, Arizona; Ganado Mission (sign); Canyon de Chelly National Monument (sign); Chambers, Arizona; Chin-lee, Arizona; White House Overlook (ruins); Canyon del Muerto; Beautiful Valley; Whittier, California; San Marino Community Church, California; Presbyterian Church of Chin-lee; El Capitan; Monument Valley; No Man's Mesa; Navajo Mountain; Colorado River; San Juan River; Seventh Day Adventists School; Mitchell Butte; Mitten Monument; King-on-the-Throne Butte; Castle Butte; Fort Sumner, New Mexico; Ernie Pyle natural bridge; Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce; Phoenix Chamber of Commerce;
Major themes covered: Monuments in Arizona; tolerance (parts with children)
Native activities shown: Navajo woman making bread; Navajo man on horseback overlooking scenery; Whittier children and Navajo children playing games as part of California YMCA/YWCA summer program; Navajo children and Whittier children dancing; Navajos and Presbyterian group building houses; looking at a woven rug; Navajo working small crops; Children attending school in Navajo country; Navajo woman being treated at a clinic by a visiting white doctor (Mr. Marvin Walter); Navajo being treated at clinic; Navajo woman making a meal with her children; Navajo woman making fry bread; Navajo woman weaving at a loom; Navajo family herding sheep; Navajo girl riding a horse;
Individuals? Named? Michelle, a Whittier student; Ken Grant, minister of youth at San Marino Community Church, California; Dr. and Mrs. Gray of the Presbyterian Church at Chin-lee; Kit Carson (mentioned); Pete Malcolm, pilot; Mr. Gouling, works at trading post; Joseph Munch, photographer; Mrs. Gwen Walter, Adventist church member, and nurse, taking care of children; Mr. Marvin Walter, works at the mission as a doctor; Navajo man getting a tooth cleaning by Mr. Marvin Walter; John Ford, director (mentioned); John Wayne, actor (mentioned); Jack Sleet, driver;
Native language spoken:  No native languages spoken
Audible?  Good quality audio
Noteworthy elements: Good scenery shots
Other notes: