Kotzebue 2

Production Date: 
Northwest Arctic Television Center
Run Time: 
KYUK-TV: Bethel, Alaska

Named locations: Blanche Rose mentions a few places where she worked as an instructor for tourists, but these are barely audible.

Major themes covered: The KYUK TV Productions Collection: more discussion of old skills, especially leather work
Native activities shown:  Making mukluks, women's artisanal culture
Individuals Named:  Grace Lincoln; Blanche Rose Lincoln (not named, but pictured; they are named in "Kotzebue 1"); Cookie (?) Lincoln (daughter of Grace; granddaughter Rose Lincoln)

Native language spoken: Eskimo language (Iñupiaq)
Noteworthy elements:  See also on AIFG: Kotzebue 1, 3-8; other KYUK films, especially "Cama-i Dance Festival"
Other notes: "Many Native Village of Kotzebue members are artists practicing skills that have been handed down through the generations from Qiqiqtagruq's Tribe, the Malemute, and developing new techniques to expand on traditional Inupiaq methods of working with locally obtained materials, such as ivory, baleen, furs, caribou antlers, sheep horns, other animal by-products, willow, and birch. In some pieces contemporary materials are used as well. A variety of items are
fashioned out of these materials, they range from masks and baskets to carvings and dolls." [retrieved from: http://kotzebueira.org/art_archives.html]

Circa 1972-3 (At one point, Blanche Rose explains that she quite her job in 1970, which the interviewer describes as "just a few years ago")


--Emily Thomas, 2013