Indian Children

Production Date: 
Broadman Films, affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention
There is an unnamed female narrator
Run Time: 
Sponsored by a Baptist missionary organization aiming to bring Christianity to Indian children. The aim is to create more churches, missionaries, and to bring Biblical teaching to Indian children through donations.

Establishing shot:  The film opens with an Arizona setting. Two large saguaros appear on the far left and far right of the frame, with a mountain in the background. This shot then dissolves, and focuses on a small Tohono O'odham (Papago)
homestead. A young girl (Conca) can be seen exiting the home while her mother sits outside, and a young boy (Cochise, typically associated with Apache) with a dog walks from the far right into the scene.
Named locations: No named location; due to saguaros, the film appears to be set in Arizona
Major themes covered: The daily life activities of a Tohono O'odham (Papago) family
Native activities shown: Cochise walks with his dog through the desert as he hurries to help his father in a field; The mother weaves a basket near the house, while also preparing food for the family; An outside mud oven is shown; Cochise and his father tilling a small crop; Conca draws water from a well and brings it back to the home; Conca and her mother weave baskets; Conca and Cochise, and others, play games together; children gather cactus fruit from a saguaro and cholla; Cochise and his friends climb and play in the mountains; a medicine man trying to pull evil spirits out of the ill; Native families going to church
Individuals Named Conca, the young girl in the film. Cochise, the young boy in the film. The younger, now deceased brother of Cochise, Topowa (the name of an O'odham village). The mother and the father, and other children, are not named.
Native language spoken: No native languages spoken.
Audible: The English narration is audible; no native languages spoken.
Noteworthy elements: There is a comparison of different types of Native American homes (approximately 9 minutes into the film) including the Pueblo, Hohokam, and Navajo.