Fallen Eagle

Alan Shilin
Alan Shilin
Production Date: 
P. Lorillard Company
Roger De Koven
Run Time: 
P. Lorillard Company

Establishing shot: Opens with a Sioux warrior on horseback as the announcers says that three times in history has the US military been thoroughly annihilated and each time it was the Sioux. "Uncompromisingly brave like the eagle."
Named locations: The Missouri River, Dakotas, Fort Randall, Fort Peck,
Major themes covered: culture and heritage of the past and hope for the future
Native activities shown: Sioux riding on horseback,
Native language spoken: no
Audible? yes
Noteworthy elements: "out of gratitude to the people who gave Tobacco to the World, the P. Lorillard Company presents this Film as a Public Service"
Other notes: Technical Advisor Claude Whitlock; Film Editor Ann Busch;  Produced with the cooperation of the U.S. Office of Indian Affairs and the U. S. Dept of Parks; Photographed by Toge Fujihira