Coeur D’Alene 3

Production Date: 
Run Time: 

Major themes covered:  dancing, more scenes from Indian play

Native activities shown: Passion play blended with Schitsu'umsh legend.
Named Individuals:
Chief Circling Raven, Chief Twisted Earth, Spotted Badger (Medicine Man), Dancing Sunlight (the chief's sick daughter) -- These are all historical/legendary figures. There is no known record of the names of those who played these parts. Father Pierre Jean De Smet is also played by an actor in this film, which shows the latter portion of the play (not featured in Films 1 & 2).

Native language spoken: Schitsu'umsh songs and chants, including Suumesh (medicine) songs
Noteworthy elements:  

The film begins with a distant shot of dancing and singing, then cuts to an exterior shot of The First Parish House. The next shot is an interior shot of the Parish House that cuts to an exterior shot of "mud walls with grass," and then to a blurry shot of the National Historical Monument sign (dedicated in 1962). After this, there is some blurry, inaudible footage taken from a car. Then there is footage of the second half of the play, which is not covered in Films 1 & 2. This part of the play dramatizes "black robe" healing "Dancing Sunlight." The Lord's Prayer is also spoken and repeated in the Snchitsu'umshtsn language.

Cross-references to other AIFG films: Coeur D'Alene (Schitsu'umsh) #2; Coeur D'Alene (Schitsu'umsh) #1

--Emily Thomas, 2013