Christian Reformed Church 2 (Outtakes)

Production Date: 
Run Time: 
Christian Reform Church

Establishing shot: Film opens with a medium shot of a campsite, which then quickly cuts to men and women in the foreground sitting around casually with two women standing by a truck in the background.
Named locations:  No named locations
Major themes covered: Images of Navajos
Native activities shown:  Sitting in groups at an outside table; Camp fires; Baby sleeping; Men sitting around talking; Women working with children; Young children in Christian-type dress; Man standing a podium; Standing by a wagon; Fishing at a running river. --Michelle Boyer, 2011

This silent footage doesn’t include a soundtrack; includes a scene of Navajos studying the Bible; also contains footage of a church meeting under a large tent, reading the Bible; attending church; giving a sermon.

Individuals Named: No named individuals
Native language spoken: No language, silent film
Audible:  No audio, silent film
Noteworthy elements:

Other notes: The website for the Christian Reformed World Missions offers a concise history of the Christian Reformed Church’s missionary efforts Worldwide. The Board of Heathen Missions oversaw CRC missionary work; this office later became the Board of Indian and Foreign Missions; CRC evangelical work to the Sioux, Navajo and Zuni tribes began in the 1890s.

For a fuller history of the Christian Reformed Church’s evangelical missions to the Navajo and Zuni tribes, see Hoesee and Meehan’s Flourishing in the Land. This book of church history has many good-quality historic photographs, offers a detailed account of the CRC’s missions in the American southwest and includes names of prominent missionaries and American Indian parishioners.

Hoezee, S. and Meehan C.S.  Flourishing in the land: A hundred-year history of Christian Reformed Missions in North America. Grand Rapids, Michigan: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 1996.

--Mikel Stone, 2012