TV series

The Highway of the Sun

Establishing shot:
Named locations:
Chan Chan (9:39); Graveyard of Kings (11:51); Chala (13:42); “Temple of the Sun” (19:05); Machu Picchu (20:14).
Major themes covered:
expedition search for The Highway of the Sun, the 10,000 mile Inca highway system—as seen on the TV series, Bold Journey

Vicuña Country

Establishing shot: elephants at the Griffith Park Zoo, Los Angeles
Named locations: Griffith Park Zoo (00:4); San Clemente, CA (multiple times early in film); Lima, Peru (5:00); the Puna (7:00); Lake Titicaca (8:40); Cuzco (11:30); Machu Picchu (11:47); the Andes (throughout).