Named locations: Bethel, Alaska
Major themes covered: The KYUK TV Productions Collection: explains the traditional manner in which children are entertained by native storytellers using storyknives to sketch images in the mud while telling the legends of the community

Kotzebue 5

Named locations: Kotzebue
Major themes covered: Eskimo Olympics (women's and men's tug-o-war and trampoline); Children's Beauty Contest; Kotzebue subsistence (note the way that the children in the beauty contest, as well as their presenters, are dressed in beautiful, traditional mukluks and parkas. All of the games at these Olympics revolve around practices of subsistence and the preservation of Eskimo culture and traditions.)

Kotzebue 1

Establishing shot:
Named locations:

Kotzebue; Selawik; Noorvik; Noatak; Red Dog Mine

Major themes covered: The KYUK TV Productions Collection: interviews about traditional customs and skills
Native activities shown:  
Individuals Named:
Charlie Goodwin; Willy Goodwin; Grace Lincoln; Blanche Rose Lincoln 
Native language spoken:
Eskimo language (Iñupiaq)

The Cave Paintings of the Chumash Indians

Score: Elisabeth Waldo and her folklorico orchestra

Crew: Photography: Steve Penny; Animation: Alan Rice; Technical Supervision: Rick Lopez, Dick Mitchell, Jim Leaman; Production Assistants: Mike King, Chriss Dentzel, Conrad Corbett; Film Editor/Sound Editor: Steve Penny, Gary Tegler.

Cast: Yuki Manak, Patti Chavez, John Aldocano, Glenn Penny, Therese Barret (as Chumash people); Grant Campbell (as himself)