Pomo Shaman

Establishing shot:
Named locations:
Stewarts Point Indian Reservation
Major themes covered: follows a female Pomo shaman conducting a ritual healing ceremony over a man with body pains
Native activities shown:  
Individuals Named:
Essie Parrish is named in general, as "a Pomo Shaman" 
Native language spoken: Pomoan (Kashia/Kashaya), Hokan (broader language group)
Noteworthy elements: 

The Cave Paintings of the Chumash Indians

Score: Elisabeth Waldo and her folklorico orchestra

Crew: Photography: Steve Penny; Animation: Alan Rice; Technical Supervision: Rick Lopez, Dick Mitchell, Jim Leaman; Production Assistants: Mike King, Chriss Dentzel, Conrad Corbett; Film Editor/Sound Editor: Steve Penny, Gary Tegler.

Cast: Yuki Manak, Patti Chavez, John Aldocano, Glenn Penny, Therese Barret (as Chumash people); Grant Campbell (as himself)