INstructional film

The High Plain

Establishing shot:Opens with a title superimposed over drawn topographical map of South America.  Title reads: “The land of Bolivia rises from tropical jungle to a great high plateau, where the Aymara Indians lived long centuries before the Incas.  On this plain their descendants still till the soil.”  First live action shot is a 180 degree panorama of the wide, flat Altiplano plateau alluded to in title.
Named locations:
Lake Titicaca (2:52), Petaca Hacienda (throughout).

Beyond the Andes

NOTE: This film contains demeaning and offensive material and may not be suitable for all viewers.  It reflects stereotypes of Native peoples prevalent in the mid-20th century. Its attitudes are not those of, nor are they endorsed by, the American Indian Film Gallery.

Establishing shot: Shot of Shipibo man from waist up looking off-camera right while playing drum.  Clouds in background.  Corporate film from Johnson Motors


Peruvian Archaeology

Establishing shot: Opens with chart detailing cultural/historical periods of early Peru.  Includes:  Nomadic Tribes, Chavin Period, Early Period, Middle Period, Late Period, and Inca Empire Period, and ends with Spanish Conquest in 1532.  First live-action shot is a long shot of the Andes with group of people walking along gravel road in the foreground.