Real Americans

NOTE: This film contains demeaning and condescending language that is a product of the historical period of its creation.  These attitudes are not endorsed by AIFG.

The film Real Americans uses multiple references to Native Americans in the past tense via the narration. Jean O’Brien, in  Firsting and Lasting: Writing Indians Out of Existence in New England (2010), discusses similar techniques used by non-Native authors of local historical texts of the 1800’s to relegate the “Indian” to the past.

The Hopi Indian

Establishing shot: Film opens overlooking a flowing Grand Canyon, Arizona.
Named locations: The Grand Canyon, Arizona; village of Shungopavi, Second Mesa, AZ.
Major themes covered: The daily life of the Hopi Indian.
Native activities shown

Opening shot is of the Grand Canyon, exact location unknown;

00:00:44 Shows the village of Shungopavi, on Second Mesa;