Painting with Sand (A Navajo Ceremony)

Establishing shot: Extreme long shot of the landscape the Navajos live in. In the background a group of mountains can be seen. In the middle ground a man can be seen on horseback on top of a sandy mount. A rider can be seen on screen right, and on screen left a closer mountain can be seen. Clouds can be seen in the sky.
Named locations: Monument Valley; Utah; Arizona; Navajo Indian Reservation; Navajo Mountain; San Francisco Mountain; La Plata Mountain;
Major themes covered: The cultural significance of sandpaintings

Navajo Country

Establishing shot: Navajo man sits on frame left, brushing his hair with his fingers. In the background a mountainous range can be seen.
Named locations:  Southwestern United States; New Mexico; Arizona.

Navajo Canyon Country

Photography: Avalon Daggett
Establishing shot:  Full frame map of the United States, which then cuts to a close up of different states (including New York, Arizona, and New Mexico)
Named locations: America; Northern Arizona; New Mexico.